Kristi Sims - Owner/Esthetician  

Kristi became interested in esthetics after experiencing dramatic improvements on her own skin from facial treatments.  Having skin care issues herself, inspired her to experiment with different facial treatments leading to a curiosity and passion towards skin care. As a spa owner, Kristi strives to set The Skin Bar apart from the typical spa business model. She has created a warm and welcoming place that clients can walk into and feel their stressful everyday world melt away. Kristi has worked for over a decade as an esthetician.  She started The Skin Bar as a one woman operation in 2012 in Benton.  Since that time she has added Massage Therapists, a Myofascial Release Therapist, a Laser Technician, and more to the team.

Mikah Oxner - LUXE LASER

Mikah graduated from Bryant High School in 2001.  She enrolled at the University of Central Arkansas and completed her undergraduate studies. She completed her requirements to be a laser technician in 2010. Mikah has built a loyal following while working in the Central Arkansas area.  She is passionate about skin care and educating her clients. This lead Mikah to open LUXE Laser and Aesthetics.  Her goal is to help people feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. She brings expertise, compassionate care, and personal enthusiasm to each client.  

Brittany Lee - Licensed Massage Therapist

Brittany is a skilled and caring massage therapist and believes in the healing potential of massage therapy. She believes bodywork nourishes the body and mind on a cellular, emotional and spiritual level. With each massage she strives to provide a safe space for her clients to deeply relax & rejuvenate.  She specializes in a heartfelt, nurturing therapeutic massage and tailors each session to that client’s unique needs. 

Cindy L. Adams - MFR Therapist

Cindy's passion is bringing the hope of healing to people!  After her own journey through pain and dysfunction Cindy found healing through the gentle and effective therapy of John Barnes' Myofascial Release (MFR.) This led Cindy to become a massage therapist specializing in MFR and opening Revive Myofasical Release in 2012.  Cindy has studied Myofascial Release under John Barnes, PT and brings this gentle and effective therapy to her clients in a safe and caring environment.  MFR is a manual therapy that acknowledges the pain you feel while looking for and releasing the restrictions in your body's tissues (fascia) that cause the pain. MFR helps balance your body while supporting your mind-body connection. Cindy empowers her clients with education and self care information.  

MFR is effective for many chronic pain conditions, stress, and well-being.  MFR is beneficial for babies, expectant moms, and men and women of all ages. For more information please visit